The search box finds people by entering a few letters from their name, or using the names of states.

You can enter simple formula to show additional information and to filter the results. For example:

=cashshow everyone's cash on hand
=cash>1000000show those with cash > $1M

Formulas begin with an "=" followed by a keyword, and some keywords may include a single comparison such as:

==equals<>does not equals
<less than<=lesser or equals
>greater than>=greater or equals
*wildcard match text in front or back
i.e. Calif* or *nia matches California

Available keywords include

Use without comparisons
1. =senateall senators
2. =houseall house members
3. =repall Republicans
4. =demall Democrats
5. =otherall other parties
6. =causesall causes
Use alone or with optional comparison
7. =raisedmoney raised
8. =spentmoney spent
9. =debtcampaign debt
10. =cashcash on hand
11. =statestate
12. =districtdistricts
13. =zipcodezipcode
14. =votesvote on tweets
15. =tweetstweets today
16. =followersnumber of twitter followers
17. =likesnumber of facebook likes