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Name: Rani Yadav-Ranjan
Member Since: Oct 27, 2013
Bio: Rani is also the Co-Founder of the Award winning, University of California, Berkeley CITRIS Mobile App Challenge and University of California Merced Mobile App Challenge. The first of its kind, student wide, mobile device and social media more

Name: Chantelle Evanston
Member Since: Apr 10, 2014
Bio: Social more

Name: Fred Phillips
Member Since: Apr 10, 2014
Bio: Education leader, fashion diva and political hack! more

Name: Hank Wayne
Member Since: Apr 11, 2014
Bio: Rancher, gun owner and proud American who protects our Constitution. Semper Fi! more

Name: Catherine Bennett
Member Since: Apr 11, 2014
Bio: Foster Mom, Business women and more

Name: Siddharth Zaveri
Member Since: Apr 14, 2014
Bio: Siddharth is a full stack developer with extensive knowledge of Government systems. He worked with small to large government agencies as a business and technical analyst to transform current business practices to be more more

Name: Gloria Miller
Member Since: Apr 28, 2014
Bio: Social Media, Growth and more

Name: Rod Perkins
Member Since: Mar 08, 2014
Bio: Rod is an accomplished innovator who shipped emerging media streaming & social products, received awards for products in Interactive Television, and recognized for innovations in user interface design for the early Apple Lisa & Macintosh. He holds more

Name: Chris Benak
Member Since: May 23, 2014
Bio: Chris is an entrepreneur and proven leader whose experience includes 28 years in various aspects of executive sales, management and business development for early stage start-ups as well as Fortune 500 firms. From this experience Chris derives more

Name: Lieu
Member Since: May 28, 2014
Bio: Memory man, problem solver and advocate! more

Name: Justin Bennett
Member Since: May 28, 2014
Bio: New York based actor and more

Name: Jeff Berglund
Member Since: Jun 02, 2014
Bio: I a master's student in international relations at the University of Chicago. more

Name: Alivia
Member Since: Jun 03, 2014
Bio: Mom, wife, sister and labor advocate! more

Name: Akeela Ajala
Member Since: Jun 09, 2014
Bio: Lover of music, movies, food and family! more

Name: Peter O
Member Since: Jun 18, 2014
Bio: Marketing, music and Boston Strong! more

Name: Ron Meyer
Member Since: Jul 03, 2014
Bio: I'm an independent, with a background in high tech and high finance. more

Name: Gloria
Member Since: Jul 07, 2014
Bio: Business women, wife, mother and advocate for Women and more

Name: John Mullhall
Member Since: Jul 10, 2014
Bio: Firefighter, Father, and more

Name: Tim DeYoung
Member Since: Oct 31, 2014
Bio: Geek. Nerd. Web Guy. Library Network Admin. Gearhead. Christian. Conservative. Constitutionalist. Community Volunteer. Not PC. Camaro more